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Loneliness will kill you,
They say.
For me, it brings more,
Life to my soul.
Like serendipity.

Like breathing fresh air,
Into each dead cell.
Finding comfort in my,
Own skin, than shedding it
Away to be anew. Estranged.
Like a lost child find home,
Or his favourite toy.
Like a lover find his muse.
Like the roots having spread,
To finally quench thirst.
Like serendipity.

Getting to know my deepest secrets,
Re-live the brightest of memories,
Kiss my own fingertips,
Heal my own wounds,
Smell my own shampooed hair. Caressing.
Become my own best friend.
Trusting, bonding. Unbreakable.
Spend evenings with myself,
A book maybe. Discovering.
In loneliness, will you find yourself,
Find yourself.
Like serendipity.


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